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The First DKTC Sprint Duathlon!

This past Sunday, July 26th, DKTC hosted its first-ever race - a sprint duathlon! We set up the start, transition and finish areas at Westmoreland Hills Park in Bethesda. Due to the pandemic, we wanted to have a smaller race and followed USAT guidelines on returning to racing. The first run was a quick 0.5 mile sprint on the Little Falls Trail, the bike was a 5 mile out-and-back route on the Capital Crescent Trail, and for the last run, we repeated the first run but added another 0.5 miles of hills in the park. We had 7 people participate which gave everyone enough room to distance themselves on the course. This race will hopefully be the first of many that DKTC hosts in the area to help team members train and perspective members try out everything our club has to offer! Here are a few photos from the event and we hope you will join us for the next race!

Our table with race numbers, course maps, and race belts.

Nina puts her helmet on before she goes out on the bike.

The transition area with everyone's bikes, helmets and water bottles.

Emily puts her bike away while Andrew and Daniel ride in to transition.

Vivian runs into the finish chute while some team members cheer her on.

Everyone at the end of the race!

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