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DKTC at Hagerstown Youth Triathlon

Hagerstown Youth Triathlon was a great race for many of our members. The Turnout from our Team was a total of 5 People! The day of the race was a whopping 89 degrees in Hagerstown, Maryland. The Weather didn't stop team members from placing in the top 3 and top 5 in their age group. One of our Members got 2nd place in the boys 13-15 age group and one 4th in the girls 13-15 age group. To have something for the team to look forward to, we brought an inflatable pool which we filled with cold water and ice thanks to one of the pool volunteers. The encouragement from other team members and parents really helped our team members finish the race and even reach their personal records. Overall, our team really enjoyed the race that Racine Multisport put on, I would definitely love to go again next year!

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