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2018 Columbia Association Kids Triathlon

The Columbia race was really great, it took place on the 22nd of July, a Sunday. We only had 4 members from the team racing, but we represented pretty well. I placed 21st in my overall age group with a time of 33:58:8 overall. I managed to finish the race even though mid-race my bike chain fell off! After a downhill turn, there was an uphill climb and when I started to pedal on the climb I realized the chain had fallen off. I took my bike to the side of the road and cheered on other team members as I put the chain back on. I got the chain back on in about 30 seconds and continued the biking portion of the race. The bike chain falling off could have cost me a lot more time if I had not known what to do, but luckily we go over things like this in practice so people are ready for most everything that could happen in a race. If the unexpected happens in a race, the best thing you can do is get back up and try your best.

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