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DKTC Workout Journal Contest

We handed out a summer workout journal at practice last Tuesday because we know that the entire team won't be together as often over the summer based on everyone's varied schedules - the journal is for anyone that wants to track their workouts which is completely optional. For those that do want to track their workouts, we will be collecting the journals at the end of the summer and they will count towards our summer workout contest. The summer workout contest is based on a point system as described below: -The summer workout contest starts Monday, June 18th and ends Sunday, September 2nd. -Each workout is worth one point. - For a workout to count for one point: it needs to be one of the following: a. run of at least 2 miles, b. swim of at least 500m, or c. bike of at least 5 miles. - If you do more than this amount of one of these disciplines on one day or multiple workouts of one discipline on the same day it still only counts as one point (i.e. You swim 2,000m in one day it is still one point) but detail the amount and other info when you record the workout (see example Emily created below). -You can, however, do more than one discipline on a single day to count for multiple points - for example you run 2.5 miles and you swim 800m you record both and you do get 2 points for that day since each workout met the minimum for that discipline. -Bonus points: if you complete at least 2 swims, 2 runs and one bike within one week (Monday to Sunday) you get 2 bonus points for that week! -Use the back page of the log to record each week's # of workouts, total points and have a parent sign off (see example Emily created below). We are going to have some awesome prizes after Labor Day based on points achieved!

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